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In this special audio we will discover together, how adding Conversation Hypnosis to your healing practice will:

  • Give you an In-depth understanding of the Mind/Body Connection in accelerating the Healing Process and Why Conversational Hypnosis is the Fastest Path to the Results your Clients and Patients are looking for now
  • Learn How Conversational Hypnosis can Dramatically Increase your Client or Patient Experience.  This Technology makes them Relax More Deeply, Heal More Quickly, and be More Compliant with their follow-up through Post Hypnotic Suggestion
  • Learn how in these Difficult Economic Times…You can Powerfully and Positively Separate yourself from Your Competition by Offering this Powerful Technology to your Clients and How Conversational Hypnosis could easily Add a Powerful New Stream of Income from your existing client base and Attract a New Stream of Client and Patient Referrals Into Your Practice
  • You will Learn why Hypnosis in general and Conversational Hypnosis Specially is very different from what most peoples preconceived ideas about hypnosis actually is
  • And you will learn about a power Deep Immersion Class, where through Accelerated Learning you can become a Certified Professional Conversational Hypnotherapist in 6 Day Full Immersion Class

Here is a short movie with one of my students talking about a quick on the spot hypnosis we did one evening in a bar. We were entertaining there using street hypnosis and a woman asks my student Alex and asks if hypnosis could be used to cure a bad case of claustrophobia.

The answer was of course yes, it is the most powerful healing modality for traumas and phobias and reducing stress.

The Technique that Alex describes in the video is called Dynamic Mental Imagery, specially  a subset of that protocol and The Rapid Trauma Eraser

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