Our Guarantee


We are confident that you will be so pleased with the quality of our products that we proudly offer best in class guarantees and our products and services.



Our Audio Programs are so affective that we allow you to test drive them for a full year.  You will be given step by step methods to identify and improve upon your strengths and your weak areas as well.  You and your staff can take a full year to implement strategies and mark your progress.

Best In Class Guarantee:  If our Audio Program does not completely exceed your expectations, simply return them to us and receive an unconditional, no questions asked refund of your full investment in the Audio Program.



Our Personal Coaching Programs are offered on an “Invitation Only Basis”.  We conduct an extensive interview to determine the true commitment of the individual.  Because we take such pride in our efforts help students achieve their goals we want to make sure this program is a good fit.  The Personal Coaching Program is without a doubt a serious investment in ones future.  Packages can be purchased in blocks of 6, 9 or 12 sessions.

Best In Class GuaranteeIf at any time you decide that the Personal Coaching is not meeting your needs or is not the perfect fit simply notify us and we will gladly refund any unused session costs.



Our Live Event Program offers a very interactive opportunity for all students.  It is not a place where you simply ride the chair while we do all the talking.  You and your staff will experience a very full day.  You will be lead through a series of exercises that are scientifically proven to integrate the lessons into the unconscious mind.  Your entire experience will be outlined in detail and will be tailored to your precise needs.  In other words, the event we promise you will be the event we deliver.

Best In Class Guarantee:  For those considering this program we offer a trial run.  Each session offers a build in observation period.  This is usually through lunch break on single day events, and through the end of the first day on multi-day events.  Should students during this period find they are not completely thrilled with their experience there is an option for a hassle free refund of your tuition.


ABOUT OUR GUARANTEE…  We offer these generous guarantees not as a way for you to freely sample our intellectual property and return the product, but rather as a way of eliminating your risk.  We want you to feel completely comfortable as you become involved with our offerings.  We believe that with a guarantee that is as strong as the quality of our content, there is little risk that either of us will be dissatisfied.  This is simply our way of demonstrating for you how high we have set the bar for managing your expectations as well as our own.  We look forward to working with you……….

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