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March 12-March 17, 2015

Join Master Trainer Bobby Cobb for this intensive Conversational Hypnosis Certified Hypnotherapy Training. Bobby has changed the lives of thousands of people; he wants to teach you to do the same. Here is your opportunity to learn from a nationally recognized Master Trainer.

You will have the option to get CERTIFIED like this…

So If You Want To Master Hypnosis & Get Personal Expert Guidance And Certification From A World Class Hypnotist Then This May Be The Most Important Training You’ll Ever Attend…




6 Days With A World-Class Conversational Hypnosis Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor

So let’s cut right to the chase now, and give you all the juicy details of this eagerly-awaited 6-day event:6 full days, JAMMED full of top-class training. And limited in numbers to ensure you have all the feedback and personal assistance you could possibly need to catapult your abilities to the very next level.


What You’ll Discover…In a nutshell, it’s designed to give you the skills and understanding to perform hypnosis naturally, elegantly and effortlessly. It’s called The Conversational Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Certification Program, and in it you’ll discover:
  • The real secret to being not just a good hypnotherapist, but truly exceptional, elegant and irresistible…the kind
    who gets wildly enthusiastic testimonials from every client
  • How to get people into trance without doing an induction at all…you’ll be amazed at this simple technique
  • How to guarantee that your clients will go into the right level and depth of trance every time
  • The exact words to say so that you set up the right conditions BEFORE you start your inductions
  • A pre-induction interview technique that gives you all the information you need to create smooth and successful hypnosis sessions
  • The 6 most powerful conversation inductions that you can do any time, any place, anywhere
  • How to perform both overt AND covert change work
  • The most important part of every conversational induction, that will make it undetectable every time
  • The “4 Primary Patterns Of Hypnotic Therapy” to deal with pretty much ANY situation you might come across
  • How to ensure your hypnosis work “sticks” and succeeds…every time
  • A true “cover-all-areas” process that allows you to do change work totally covertly without even knowing what your client’s problem is
  • How to spot when it’s right to delve into someone’s past, and when to leave well alone
  • An extremely effective and conversational “stepping stone” induction for all occasions – This one can be done equally well on an airplane as in a therapeutic office
  •  The key core pattern that takes care of 80% of ALL situations your clients will come in with (and 3 more methods to quickly clear up the remaining 20%)
  • A powerful technique to alter your client’s state of consciousness even when they realize what’s going on
  • How to set up change work as something that you do in conversation… in normal, everyday places, where you’re just having a chat and ‘bam!’, they’re in a trance without even knowing it
  • One of Milton Erickson’s favorite trance inductions, and how you can use it to captivate and seamlessly move someone’s attention as
  • you deepen their trance
  • How to turn the induction INTO the actual change work itself, saving you tons of time, boosting your success rate, and allowing you to spend the rest of the session “installing” the change
  • 5 simple steps for making language patterns “second nature” to you. People will marvel at your eloquence and listen “spellbound” to your every word
  • A little-known principle to make your inductions irresistible. The secrets of the “Non-Awareness Set”. This one technique approach is one of the cornerstones of the training, enabling you to control people’s attention easily, and virtually guaranteeing that they’ll go into trance when you desire
  • And Much, Much, MUCH More



So Who is This Training For?

After reading that long list of content, you may now be wondering whether this course applies to you…

Right from the start, you’ll be digging deep into the fundamental principles that drive change work. Understanding hypnotic principles that allow the mind to accept ideas more fully.

And just so you’re totally certain, ‘The Conversational Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Certification Program’ IS right for you if: 

  • You’re a hypnotist already in practice, who wants a place to expand your knowledge – improve and develop the things you are doing, and experiment with new ideas so that you don’t ever get ‘stuck’ on something.
  • You’re a newbie who wants to get into doing hypnosis. This course is going to be BOTH basic and advanced at the same time — After all, any discipline lives and dies by attention to the core fundamentals.
    (If you are completely new to hypnosis though, you’ll just need to listen to Igor’s “Secrets Of Hypnosis Revealed” program before coming along – That way you’ll be able to keep up! – You’ll receive links to this $127 course as a bonus) 
  • You’ve learned from a traditional course, but maybe you haven’t quite got the confidence yet, and you want to do something where you suddenly have an ‘awakening’.
  • You have a passion for hypnosis!


But This Program isn’t For Everyone….

In fact, we want to make it clear right now that this probably is NOT for you:

  • If you’re already extremely experienced in Ericksonian hypnosis methods and indirect language, and have a lot of confidence in what you’re doing.
  • If you’re totally happy with where your skill-set is at and the results you’re getting with clients — (UNLESS you’re curious about other methods – in which case, do come for the curiosity alone)
  • If you’re hoping to get into hypnosis as a way of making a living, but have no cash and will be investing the last of your credit card limit on this – “No! Please get yourself into a financially stable place first”. (We don’t want anyone to start having to re-mortgage their children in order to come to the course!)
  • If you have serious psychological issues. (While we expect you to come with some life issues and whatever – and have them resolved as part of your training in hypnosis – if you have serious issues, this is NOT the place to come for therapy)

Understand, I’m not mentioning this stuff to scare you away. We just want you to be totally clear about this training, and what it’s about. That way you’ll be able to make the best decision for yourself.

Ultimately, this training is going to reach way beyond the simple level of techniques, and take you to a place where hypnosis becomes a natural part of your communication skill-set. So if it’s just techniques that you’re after and nothing more, it might be worth letting someone else have your place instead.


Previous Students Have Said:

“The way that Bobby presents this material is a miracle, it is very powerful. I also had the chance to work with him one on one and made some major breakthroughs. Thank you Bob for everything that you did for me” 

Martin Grunendahl from Amsterdam, Netherlands. NLP Master Trainer

“Bobby is a World Class coach, trainer and hypnotherapist. Whatever the outcome that you are looking to achieve, he can show you the skills, strategies and tactics held you get there more quickly If you want to cut time off your learning….. he is your man!”

Jess Marion, Master Hypnotist, Doctoral Student from Philadelphia, PA.

“Bobby is the Quintessential Professional.  If you have ever wanted to learn hypnosis or hypnotherapy, in a way that is not taught by very many people, I highly recommend that you attend one of his seminars.  You will gain so much insight and so much experience, I would say it is ten-fold anything else you can get on the planet…”

David A. Blender, Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapist, Chicago, Illinois

“He is a great coach, great trainer, great hypnotherapist.  If you want to take your skills up to a level, you should go see Bob.”

Steve Roehm, Nashville Tennessee, Master Trainer of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

“If you learn from Bob you are doing yourself a great service, I have learned a lot from him.”

Gedalyah Rosen, Rabbi/Psychotherapist, Trauma and Grief Counselor, Jerusalem, Israel

“I just spent 2 1/2 weeks training with Bob. His training is fun and charismatic, he is a great coach and teacher. I definitely recommend his training.”

Nilima Chowdhury, Toronto, Ontario, Professional Musician Master Hypnotist www.NilimaMusic.com

Are you ready to become the

Master Hypnotist you were meant to be?


A Master Hypnotist with the power to change people fast, whatever the circumstances.

Nothing has been left to chance in these trainings. It’s a proven process that means you will walk away from this event transformed and with new powers and abilities.

And that’s the case whether you’re currently a novice hypnotist or whether you already have many years of experience.

I’ve also explained why you can attend this unique event for a very modest investment and how your investment is protected with a full guarantee.

Now it’s up to you…

You can pass on this opportunity, knowing that it may never come again.

You can carry on as you are, and perhaps reach your full potential one day.

Or you can step forward right now.

Claim your place as a Master Hypnotist, fluent, elegant and totally confident in your abilities.

It’s easy to reserve your seat at this event simply click the button below…

Your Risk Free Priority Enrollment


I understand that:

  •     I will be training with Bobby Cobb and Randall Preiser in Tampa, FL from 12 March – 17 March
  •    I will be training over 6 amazing days so I will have the skills of a master conversational hypnotist.
  •     Plus I can also get certified as a Conversational Hypnotherapist by the IAPCH.
  •     My total investment is just 3 monthly installments of $331.66 and I am taking advantage of an early-bird discount.
  •     I also have a full 100% money back guarantee up until the end of day 2 of the training.


P.S. One other thing we must tell you about...

Remember there are only limited places available for this training program. And withBobby and Randy charging this low amount, it’s fully in your best interests to secure your place now while you still can. If you take the chance to return to this page later, you may well find that it’s completely sold out. It’s happened to many folks before!


The Significant Savings and $127 -worth of “early bird fast-mover” bonuses are only available when you reserve your place by February 16, 2012. After that, we will remove the discount. So hit the “Register Now” button and get your savings now while places are still available.

The detailsDates: March 12 – March 17, 2012Times: 9-5 or 6pm daily
We will take 15 minute breaks in the morning and afternoon.
You will have 90 minutes for lunch, however lunchtime may vary.Location:Tampa Metro – specific location TBACost: $1250Early Bird Discount: ONLY $995
SAVE $255 when you enroll by February 16, 2012Questions?
Email: Bobby@SOFTSellSystem.com

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