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In fact, here’s a quick suggestion:

Make arrangements to meet up with friends on the evening after the seminar.

Then, when you’ve all met up and you’re having a good time tell the group you’re going to show them something intriguing you learnt that day.

Pick a volunteer or two from your group and – following the precision hypnotic protocol you will have used that day – “freeze” their arms or legs… or… make their hand “stick” to the wall or a table top.


Then stand back and watch the faces on your friends.

They’ll be so spooked…

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Especially since they’ll never be able to figure out how you did it!

(Not unless you decide to tell them, of course.)

Anyway, I’m is so confident you’ll get immense value out of this seminar and become a “true believer” in the power of hypnosis (if you’re not already!) you don’t risk a penny by registering for the event.



Register today for the either seminar and, if at the conclusion of the seminar you don’t feel it was worth you being there – just tell me you’re not satisfied and you’ll have your registration fee returned to you in full.


FIRSTLY: Please only sign-up and attend the seminar if you have a sincere desire to learn more about hypnosis as well as the practical applications you can use hypnosis for in your life (or the lives of other people you want to help).  And…


SECONDLY: Here’s what you need to do now:


Register for the seminar now on this pagebefore available spaces are all taken.


Then just show up on the day for the seminar (preferably 15-minutes before start time).


I look forward to meeting with you at the seminar on May 17th or 20th


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If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me anytime on Cell (941) 773-4321 or Office (941) 343-8218 

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